Reflecting on 2021

Drawing Board to Design

The beauty of nature, the solar system and the Batcave informed our creative thinking this year and resulted in some of our most memorable bespoke commissions to date. As 2021 draws to a close, we look back at these diverse themes and explore how they influenced our artistic process and inspired the creation of four highly original pieces, each with its own unique design narrative.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work and thank all of our clients for your continued support throughout 2021.

From everyone at Nulty Bespoke, we wish you a safe and happy festive season.

London Plane Tree Chandelier 

This custom chandelier is our playful interpretation of one of London’s signature trees. We deconstructed the different elements of the tree and took inspiration from the shape of its leaves and the movement of its catkin-laden branches. Both elements influenced our design process and encouraged us to create a beautiful piece composed of tinted glass leaves and brass rods with a concealed LED light source encased at the tip. Light plays its integral role, illuminating each glass leaf to produce patterns of illumination across the ceiling. Discover more here.

Custom Chandelier Crackled Glass Leaves Brass Stems Catkin Casings Tapered Design Luxury Lighting Maker Nulty BespokeImage © James French

Lily Chandelier 

The characteristics of the lily flower were the starting point for this intricate composition, made up of 100 suspended glass and brass petals, interspersed with dainty glass droplets. A play of contrasts can be seen throughout the luminaire, with the hand-hammered brass elements featuring either a laser cut or etched detail that alludes to the line and dot markings on lily petals that attract insects to the nectar. Each of the suspended glass droplets has been embellished with an internal explosion of tiny air bubbles to catch the light and sparkle. Discover more here.

Custom Luxury Chandelier Oval Base Suspended Amber Metallic Glass Etched Brass Petals Designers Nulty BespokeImage © James French

Planetary Pendant Light

With our hand-spun glass pendant light we used the planets as our creative stimulus and crafted a delicate piece defined by smooth silhouettes and subtle nuances in tone. Each of the three glass tiers was produced by a highly skilled glassblower. At the centre of each glass orb, LED tape and an acrylic diffuser work to radiate light outwards and pick out the cloudy texture of the glass. The overall effect is balanced and ethereal. Discover more here.

Sleek Stylish Pendant Light Three Tiered Handmade Glass Discs Metal Orb Components Design Manufacture Nulty BespokeImage © James French

Structural Lighting Sculpture, Park Row

Undeniably one of our most complex commissions to date, the dramatic and sweeping lighting installation at Park Row is a theatrical piece that illuminates ‘The Batcave’ – a deep, black stairwell that whisks guests away to a DC Comics inspired dining experience. The 10.8m-long structure features 25 transparent discs balanced within a twisting helical structure, which flows throughout the two-storey stairwell to the main hospitality area. Each of the 400mm discs is edged with LEDs and lights up in a pulsating sequence to reference the echolocation frequency ability of bats. Discover more here.

Park Row Restaurant Soho Stairwell Lighting Installation Tiered Illuminated Discs Helix Twisting Structure Mist Wall Designers Nulty BespokeImage © FRENCH+TYE