Structural Lighting Sculpture
Pulsating light show creates mysterious gateway to Gotham City.
The Brief

A dramatic and sweeping lighting feature was needed for the spiral stairwell of Park Row in Soho – a subterranean restaurant experience inspired by DC Comics.

The installation had to accentuate a Batcave-style ambiance and present guests with a theatrical display of light as they descend the staircase.

  • 400mm acrylic discs with laser-dot pattern
  • 5000K LED tape
  • Felt padding
  • Black powder coated stainless steel
  • Black tension cables
  • DMX control system
  • Black mirrored plinths
The Design

The elongated structural lighting sculpture is composed of 25 equally sized discs that are uniformly spaced from top to bottom. Each acrylic disc sits within a circular frame that is attached to a 10.8m-long helix metal structure, which was designed and manufactured in modular sections.

LED tape has been positioned around each disc and then supplemented with felt padding at the top and bottom, which blocks any light bleed and provides a cushion between the frame and acrylic. Each disc has a gradient laser-dot pattern that catches the inward emitting light to create a focal point on the panel that is only revealed once illuminated.

In reference to the echolocation frequency of bats, the installation lights up in a dramatic pulsating sequence. Illuminated circles travel up and down the stairwell to create a striking yet mysterious gateway to the glamorous dining space beyond. A black mirrored plinth on the ceiling and the floor adds another dimension to the installation by creating an infinity effect. The pulsating light show has been programmed via a DMX control system that gives the client endless lighting configuration possibilities.

Controlling the natural movement of the twisting structure was an exercise in balance and engineering. Detailed fixings were applied to the ceiling and floor to secure the piece, while tension cables were positioned with precision to bring further rigidity to the installation.