Planetary Pendant Light
Hand-spun glass circles add a subtle glow to a classic workspace.
The Brief

A neoclassical workplace in the City of London required a bespoke pendant light to hang above a relaxed corner of the office.

We were asked to design and manufacture a number of the elegant pendants that add a decorative yet classic feature to the space, while creating an intimate atmosphere and a sense of balance.

  • Hand-spun glass discs with a cloudy effect  
  • 3000K LED tape and acrylic diffuser
  • Turned metal components in a polished bronze finish
The Design

Influenced by subtle planetary hues, the pendant light features three celestial-looking hand-formed glass discs and clean-cut metalwork in the shape of abstract orbs and framework components.

The three tiers of glass were individually crafted by a highly skilled glassblower who had the complex task of ensuring each piece was straight. Any slight deviation and the whole luminaire would be off balance. The largest disc is approximately 500mm in diameter, the middle 335mm, and the smallest 170mm.

The centre of each glass element houses a ring of LED tape and an acrylic diffuser emanates light outwards, highlighting the cloudy texture of the glass and creating a milky diffused glow. The smaller the glass piece the more prominent the light is, which creates a beautiful gradient from underneath.

Two solid metal orbs sit between the glass discs and are finished in polished bronze. The pendant is mechanically joined by a static drop rod that hangs from a small ceiling rose, and the glass and orb components are secured by a gasket at the top and bottom of the luminaire.

Images © James French