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Both art and light play an equally important role in our work. Only by balancing the creative and technical sides of the process, can you produce a bespoke luminaire that works harmoniously within a scheme and stands out as something truly individual. This is the mantra that we live by at Nulty Bespoke. It informs every stage of our process, from concept exploration and design development, right through to manufacturing, assembly and installation.

Our commissions not only bring character, depth and individuality to a space, they also perform better because the designers and artists creating them have taken the time to get the effect of light right before a design narrative starts to take shape.

Concept Exploration 

The creative process always begins with our team of designers and artists taking the time to really get under the skin of a brief to properly scope out the client, their space and what they are trying to achieve.

We take inspiration from their surroundings to draw out all of the granular details, architectural features and materials that influence their lifestyle and environment. Only by going through the process in this way can we begin to shape the ideas for an original piece with its own design narrative.


Our team has built relationships with a wide network of the most talented British craftspeople. Because we’re not limited to any one material, our work completely varies and sees us partner one minute with a professional wood turner to create 135 hand turned maple batons for an installation at the Hard Rock Hotel, and an acrylic specialist the next to produce 24 petal-shaped acrylic shades finished in hand-applied gold leaf for a chandelier in a residential property.

What’s consistent is the way we project manage the craftsmanship process from start to finish. The artists and manufacturers we collaborate with are often friends from the creative industry who have been handpicked due to their extraordinary skills and amazing artistic minds. By combining their talent with our own in-house technical knowledge and creativity, we are able to deliver lighting installations of real substance.

Construction and Commissioning  

The commitment doesn’t end when the creativity stops. Far from it. Functionality and finishing are as important as form in our studio, so the team are as passionate about assembly, finishing, installing and commissioning as they are about design.

A bespoke luminaire should of course look beautiful, however its purpose should also be to create an emotional human response, be that a sense of intrigue through a residential staircase, a relaxing mood in a luxury spa or a touch of drama as you enter the reception area of a hotel. These responses are always determined by what we visually see, and this is all down to the type of light that’s been used, how it has been presented and crucially how it’s been executed on site.