Musically inspired light sculpture
Handcrafted maple drumsticks create a noteworthy reception at Hard Rock Hotel.
The Brief

We were asked to design and produce a musically inspired lighting feature to sit above the curved reception desks of this new London hotel.

The interior designer’s concept began with the idea of showcasing the humble drumstick, which we developed into the construction and installation of a light sculpture, named The Woodwave.

  • Clear fibre-optic cable, 1.5mm in diameter
  • Projector producing 4000K cool white light with a twinkling effect
  • 135 hand turned maple batons, 600mm in length
  • Sandblasted acrylic end components
  • Circular brass spacers
The Design

In total 135 fibre-optic cables hang from the ceiling and handmade “drumsticks” surround the end of each fibre – the drumsticks have light emanating from their tip, as if music is escaping from them. Each cable is suspended at different lengths (one metre being the longest), giving the impression that the installation is a sweeping sound wave.

A specialist woodturner handcrafted the maple drumsticks, which took three weeks to complete. The batons were constructed in halves, in order to drill a hole all the way through and then meticulously and seamlessly joined together and turned on a lathe, allowing the fibre-optics to be inserted on site. 

Concealed within the ceiling is a projector that transmits light through the fibres to create a twinkling effect at the tip of each drumstick, which is emphasised by a small sandblasted acrylic component.

By combining the design concept with the traditional skills of the woodturner we were able to create a successful prototype, followed by the final installation that complements the space and brand, perfectly.

Images: © James French