Copper "Flame" Chandelier
Polished metal rods create a spectacular restaurant sculpture.
The Brief

Sixtyone Restaurant in London exudes understated elegance: the room is spacious yet intimate, the banquettes are beautiful yet comfortable, and the grill-based menu is refined yet unpretentious.

Our task was to develop a focal lighting sculpture for the establishment – something that would be in keeping with the restaurant’s laid-back style, but which added an element of fun and eccentricity.

  • Copper-plated rods mounted onto dibond panels, fixed within a central coffer
  • 600 1W LEDs
Sketch Custom Copper Undulating Pipe Ceiling Light Art Installation Nulty Bespoke
Sketch Copper Pipe Balls Custom Chandelier Nulty Bespoke
Sketch Copper Pipe Ball Light Installation Nulty Bespoke
The Design

Designed to resembled hot embers from a grill, our feature uses 600 copper-plated rods mounted onto three large dibond panels, which in turn are fixed within a central coffer. Each rod has an LED that illuminates downwards onto a copper polished sphere, providing “sparkles” of warm light.

The effect is warm, inviting and seductive – a real showstopper that enhances the overall ambience of the room.