"Halo" Chandeliers
Acrylic rods unfurl from a central cluster, bathing the room in soft, elegant light.
The Brief

Asia’s largest beauty hall consists of 54,000 square feet of pure elegance: materials such as dark teak, etched glass and champagne-coloured metals work together to create an atmosphere of sophistication and serenity.

We were asked to create two awe-inspiring chandeliers that would bathe the room in soft light while standing out as architectural masterpieces in their own right.

  • Aluminium “bubble” rod with steel supports
  • 3W LED per rod
Sketch Chandelier Detail Unfurling Acrylic Rods Nulty Bespoke
Sketch Chandelier Component Acrylic Baton Nulty Bespoke
Sketch Acrylic Rod Chandelier Detail Nulty Bespoke
The Design

Both bespoke chandeliers are constructed of acrylic rods that cluster in a central, multi-layered halo and then unfurl like petals from the ceiling.

Miniature LEDs were attached to the top of each rod, giving an effect of light being “punched” through the material and causing a softer illumination to emerge and light the room. We also infused the acrylic with air bubbles to provide extra sparkle and movement.