Colour-Changing Stalactites
Motion sensors and polychromatic luminaires create a sense of movement and excitement.
The Brief

At News Corp HQ, each floor of the 17-storey glass-and-steel block has been given a distinctive visual identity and ambience.

Sitting at the top of the building – above The Sun, The Times, HarperCollins and Dow Jones – are the company executive suites and events area. Our task was to create a series of tessellating light sculptures that would contribute to a visually stimulating atmosphere for visitors who want to be impressed.

  • Smoked chrome-plated rods with sandblasted acrylic lens
  • Bespoke RGBW LED source with custom heat sink and a composite aluminium and plastic base plate
Sketch Custom Stalactites Light Installation Lily Pad Nulty Bespoke
Sketch Light Stalactite Component Installation Nulty Bespoke
The Design

Our dynamic and interactive light installation is a piece of art – literally. It comprises smoked chrome-plated rods of various lengths, which contain colour-changing LED luminaires and hang from the ceiling like stalactites. These “stalactites” are attached to lily pad-inspired tessellating base plates, which allow them to be placed at different orientations for a natural effect.

The installation adjusts in tone and colour as it senses movement – visually representing the flow of people around the space.

Images: © David Churchill