Illuminated emanating ripples add to the elegance of a spectacular spa.
The Brief

Interior designers Goddard Littlefair commissioned us to create two bespoke chandeliers for Southbank Place Spa – a residents-only luxury health and fitness club hidden within a prime residential development in Central London.

Using the serenity of water as design inspiration, each luminaire had to be beautifully crafted while also accommodating the moisture factor associated with a spa setting.

  • Optically clear, cast acrylic decorative end components
  • Unsheathed clear fibre-optic tails
  • SS316 highly polished metal fixings and ceiling plate suitable for pool environments
  • 3000K colour temperature
The Design

The first chandelier is positioned at the entrance of the spa and is made up of 106 droplet-shaped acrylic components, specially cast to house fibre optic lights. The second is in a neighbouring relaxation area and includes 53 of the same components.

Replicating concentric circles formed by droplets hitting the surface of water, the hand-turned acrylic pieces have several circular ridges carved into them; acrylic was the material of choice because of its optical clarity and the way it refracts and reflects light. The components have four distinct finishes, alternating between clear and frosted, each one carefully selected to create a different lighting effect.

The droplet-shaped elements at the entrance hang at graduated heights from the centre of a square mirror-polished ceiling plate to create an upside-down pyramid shape. In contrast, the smaller chandelier has a rectangular ceiling plate with suspended elements that take the shape of a wave when viewed from below. The reflective plate adds a twist to the composition by creating a rippled optical illusion.

The delicate fibre-optic cables enter the ceiling plates through tiny laser cut holes and are connected to the components via a screw mechanism that is concealed by a polished stainless-steel cap.

Whether it’s the acrylic of the components or the stainless steel of the plates and caps, all the materials were selected to both be beautiful and practical in a spa environment: resistant to corrosion and safe to clean.

Images © James French