A Garden Breeze
Palatial gardens and summer botanicals embodied in individual hand-crafted glass pieces.
The Brief

We were approached by Oliver Burns to design and fabricate a bespoke feature piece for the grand entranceway of the House of Walpole, No. 1 Palace Street, a collaboration between Northacre and Walpole.

The house itself is adjacent to His Majesty’s official London residence, and so Oliver Burns looked to a create an apartment reminiscent of the Palace gardens – one that exudes British luxury and elegance and is unequivocally ‘A Celebration of the Palace Gardens’.

  • Hand-pulled glass forms: 36 x Mulberry leaves, 29 x Butterflies, 11 x Dragonflies
  • Glass colour tones: champagne, amber, bronzed ombre and clear
  • Glass effects: crackled and non-crackled
  • Brass ball suspension detail
  • Stainless steel micro gauge suspension cable
  • Powder coated coin ceiling fixings
  • 2700K low glare downlights
The Design

The design of this graceful installation embodies nature’s palette. The wistful and dynamic arrangement creates an oscillating form that flows through the space, intended as a contemporary response to honour the enchanting palace gardens in all their majesty.

Each delicately fashioned, hand-pulled glass feature has been expertly fabricated by artisans in the glass-making centre of England, Stourbridge, the very best of British luxury glass craftmanship. The configuration of butterflies, dragonflies and mulberry leaves invoke a sensation of movement throughout the hallway, whilst paying homage to its striking architectural features.

The glass elements are coloured with splashes of Champagne and speckled brown pigment, with an ombre effect coursing throughout each leaf. A range of subtle crackled and non-crackled effects in the butterfly and dragonfly glass add texture, accentuating the organic splendour of the installation. Each piece is suspended from discreet stainless-steel cables of varying lengths to create an undulating effect that draws the gaze along the corridor.

The ariel formation is delicately illuminated with sporadic yet considered low glare downlights, ensuring that the ornate installation is the focal point of the entranceway, speaking to the brief – vibrant, harmonising, and brimming with the beauty of nature.

Images © Luxury Marketing House