Minimalistic Pendant Light
Balancing creative expression with technical accuracy.
The Brief

We were commissioned to create a chic and well-proportioned pendant light that works seamlessly with the pared-back look of the reception area of Global Infrastructure Partners’ (GIP) London office.

Owing to the minimalistic nature and eye-level positioning of the light, every detail, no matter how small, had to be flawless. 

  • Matt black, powder-coated steel and aluminium rods
  • Seamlessly welded details and fixings
  • Sandblasted frosted acrylic diffusion batons
  • 3000K LEDs with duo directional output
The Design

Located above the reception desk, the bespoke pendant consists of six LED light sources, each housed in a sandblasted frosted acrylic baton to create a smooth output of warm, focused light. Powder-coated rods, arranged in a simple linear formation for balance and symmetry, connect the light feature. 

Even though the design is simple in nature, the level of technical precision was high. Every mechanism was deliberately reduced in size to maintain the clean lines of the handmade pendant. The project also called for a meticulous process throughout composition and production, due to precise fixing points in the wooden slat ceiling that left no room for error during installation.

The matt black finish of the framework was handpicked to offset the architectural detail of the timber ceiling and material palette of the reception desk. Each LED source emits a smooth 3000K light output, to complement an illuminated wall panel situated behind the desk.

The bespoke light fitting has inbuilt flexibility via a screw mechanism to allow for easy maintenance and any minor adjustments that may be required. 

Images © Olivier Dassance