Spring Jewels
Elegant jewels reflective of fine design.
The Brief

David M Robinson’s (DMR) Liverpool ONE flagship store has been extensively refurbished in collaboration with internationally renowned interior designers LXA. We were commissioned to enhance the prestigious concept showroom with a focal installation reflective of the luxury brand and inspired by the jeweller’s fine designs.

  • 500 cast acrylic jewels: split tones of Champagne and crystal-clear colour
  • Faceted brass bead crimp details
  • 1mm gold finish micro suspension cable
  • Powder coated coin ceiling fixings
  • 4 x 3000K mini trim high output accent downlights
The Design

Comprising of clear and Champagne acrylic pieces with a crystal finish, every ‘jewel’ within the installation embodies elegance in response to DMR’s unrivalled jewellery collections.

The bespoke composition sits in perfect proportion to the lavish double-height space. A brass crimp and bead sit either side of each of the 500 pieces, every one of which being individually suspended from a gold finished cable, cut to length to create a delicate droplet arrangement true of the intricate design.

Four high output downlights accent the installation, each with a softening lens. Gentle illumination reflects off the crystal jewels, elevating the space and emanating the luxuriousness of the DMR brand.

A private VIP mezzanine floor offers an uncompromising view of the configuration of crystals. Framed in the window of the viewing platform, buyers are able to cast their eye directly on the formation as each individual element twinkles against the backdrop of the fine jewellery below.

Images © David M Robinson