Sculptural Lighting Feature
Exacting simplicity inspired by nature.
The Brief

The client sought a sculptural lighting feature that brought a touch of the outdoors inside. Designed for a contemporary living space, the light installation had to maintain a refined, minimal and sharp look while acknowledging elements of nature.

  • Faceted acrylic hexagonal rod diffuser
  • Brushed brass finished housing
  • Satin finished drop rods
  • Brushed brass finished hexagonal rods
  • 2700K warm white LEDs
The Concept

The angled snip of a branch or stem inspired the design of the bespoke piece, the diagonal cut providing the blend of sharp and clean lines.

Each individual brass strand features a slanted hexagonal rod formed of an acrylic diffuser with LED source that sits in a discreet brushed brass housing. The faceted acrylic alternates between a frosted and clear finish to create a beautiful varied light pattern.

Additional hexagonal brushed brass components punctuate the arrangement of the installation – each piece can be rotated to create different patterns or orientations depending on which view in the space is more prominent.

By using contrasting linear and angled lines along with hexagonal forms, the sculptural lighting feature has a contemporary twist with a subtle reference to nature. 

Images © Nulty Bespoke