Neon tones makes for an eye-catching entrance.
The Brief

The cool, cosy bedrooms of Assembly Hotel in London’s West End needed an impactful yet sleek luminaire to form part of the wider lighting scheme.

We were commissioned to develop a colour-changing baton-style wall light that was fun and functional and would add an extra layer of surprise to the trendy lodgings. 

  • Acrylic tube diffuser
  • Anodised gun metal components
  • Pink dichroic filter
  • 2700K LED strip and PCBs
The Design

The vertical linear light fixture radiates a seductive magenta glow as guests enter the bedroom, turning to a more functional white light when the key card is inserted into the power slot. 

The custom-made wall light consists of an acrylic baton with a sandblasted finish to create a warm diffused glow. A metal strip runs down the centre of the baton and behind it sits the concealed linear white LED light source. The playful pink and purple tones are generated at each end of the tube by an LED board with a dichroic filter that is housed in an anodised golden-toned metal casing.