Bringing innovation to a classic product.
The Brief

In 2015, all major players in the lighting design industry participated in the Philips Strand Lighting centenary upcycling competition. The brief was to choose one of two Philips classic Strand theatre lights and rejuvenate it in a way that represented the three main competition themes: brand heritage, innovation and upcycling.

The final creation needed to function as a light source and could incorporate any other lamps from the Philips Lighting range.

  • Upcycled luminaire suspended by wires
The Design

Our chosen luminaire was the PATT 23 – which we picked for its iconic shape and profile, and then deconstructed to display the complex engineering that went into its creation. When viewed from the front, it isn’t evident that the bulb has been taken apart in any way; it’s only when viewed from the side that it becomes clear how it’s been “exploded” to display the inner workings.

We arranged new Philips LED lamps in a circular 12-point pattern around the lamp, which pulsate on and off in a clockwise direction and allude to the passing of time and advancement of technology.

We named our winning entry “Anamorphosis”, due to how the luminaire appears “normal” from one angle but completely deconstructed from another.