Introducing Blossom

A decorative chandelier

We’re very excited to share a preview of our latest creation, Blossom – a decorative lighting installation that encapsulates the delicate essence of cherry blossom flowers.

The beautiful intricacy of the chandelier is the sum of skilful precision and detailed design. Soft white and rose-tinted ceramic petals delicately dance around functional light units, creating an ambient and atmospheric glow, whilst gold-dipped petals and delicate metal vein structures catch the light to create a plush finish.

The design intent for the elegant piece was to capture in motion the magical moment when cherry blossom petals start to fall; the suspended installation allows the observer to cherish the magic and grace of blossom flowers throughout the year.

Be it the hand-formed, organic-shaped ceramic petals, the meticulous detailing of a petal’s veining structure, or the painstaking process of perfecting the lighting units, Blossom is a creation we’re extremely proud of – a creation made for an interior space that praises craft, design, and light. We look forward to sharing more soon!