Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Collaborating at London Design Week 2020

London Design Week 2020 will see Nulty Bespoke reveal a limited collection of the Perla pendant at the Tollgård Showroom, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour – the leading destination for interior designers and tastemakers.

The Perla pendant is made up of delicate, organic-shaped glass shades inspired by an oyster shell, and each shade houses a central light source that resembles a pearl. Handcrafted in London by skilled artisans using a specialist hand-blowing technique, each glass piece is accentuated by a hand-picked tonal palette.

Two edits of the Perla collection will be showcased at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour: a tiered chandelier with earthy and amber hued glass shades located in a dining-room setting, and a framework-style chandelier with ocean-blue glass shades situated in a living-space scene.

Paul Nulty & Staffan Tollgard London Design Week 2020, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

To celebrate the custom-made Perla installation, Staffan Tollgård will host a discussion to unpick “The bewildering world of bespoke lighting in design projects”, alongside Nulty Bespoke founder and leading lighting consultant, Paul Nulty. The conversation will consider the language of light, design composition and artisanship techniques, and how bespoke lighting can complement interior schemes.

The talk will take place on Tuesday 10 March, 11am: Tollgard Showroom – First Floor, Centre Dome, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE.

The Perla collection will be on show at the same location throughout London Design Week and beyond.