Clerkenwell Design
Week 2017

A bespoke lighting collaboration

Clerkenwell Design Week starts tomorrow and we’re joining forces with Michael Northcroft to launch its new Serafina collection. The British furniture designer and maker’s core philosophy is all about exclusive finishes, luxurious details and expert manufacturing techniques – something we at Nulty Bespoke also adhere and work to.

The location for our venture sits beneath the Priory Church, part of the Museum of the order of St John. The Norman crypt, one of the few surviving buildings from this period, certainly offers up a unique venue to work with; the naturally dark and sombre space maybe enchanting, but from a design perspective, it has many facets, restrictions and challenges.

The spiritual surroundings boast Romanesque and Gothic arches, memorial plaques, beautiful stained glass and fascinating tomb effigies. Due to the nature of the building’s fabric and the fact it can’t be damaged, we’ve had to create bespoke luminaires without affixing to or altering any aspect of the interior. Through a considered design approach we’ve worked with the space to produce tailor-made housings to sit within the architectural details, and use the existing and very limited power supply.

The lighting scheme within the crypt will enrich and highlight the complex architecture and allow the luxury furniture on display to speak for itself. Linear LED tape has been hidden in the L-shaped housings to “graze” the ancient stonework giving the texture dramatic relief, while also “washing” light round the Gothic arches to beautifully illuminate the space; warm white LEDs, with excellent colour rendering, have been used to highlight the handmade, unique furnishings, and further accentuate the interior’s intricate detailing.

Working alongside Nulty on the overall lighting scheme, we’ve ensured that the bespoke light fittings blend seamlessly with the surroundings, not taking away from the case in point. Seeing the beautiful pieces of furniture in such an amazing setting, with a subtle-yet-stunning lighting treatment, will be very exciting.

Thank you to iGuzzini and Marset for the loan of lighting equipment.