What's your light?


At every step of the “lovingly handcrafted” process we’re in close contact with our clients, and with bespoke luminaires this can be very personal. We discuss “the language of light” and how light “behaves” in different ways, then we talk materials and how light interacts.

Beyond this we talk about the process of trial and experimentation. We’re always experimenting with different light sources and how they work with different materials and surface finishes.

We’re not about mass production, we don’t hold stock and we don’t have a standard product. We start with a clean sheet of paper and we design every piece to answer every client’s specific requirements.

And we answer them beautifully.

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We’re trusted by architects, interior designers, FFE designers, business owners and homeowners to create bespoke, beautiful lighting pieces that are on time, on spec and on budget.

If you would like to know more about the way we craft our luminaires, please contact us.

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